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Hello there NEWGROUNDS! do you see the battle on the dessert

2008-08-23 06:40:57 by Almog1997

Hey everybody, Wazup?!

me and my buddies sumbit to New Grounds The Battle on the Desert.
We hope you love this movie. Or not...

so enjoy this movie, and write down here something

Yours Almog, And keeping on CHEESE!

oh take this link,

Hello, NG! do you like cheeeeeeeeese?

2007-12-07 03:19:30 by Almog1997

im Almog and im 11 years old,
i dont begginer with the flash any more...

i gonna submit new flash (Madness: The Battle In The Desert) with my friend Creakskiey.
the movie gonna include blood, gore, and cheese.
Well, maybe not cheese...

By the way, I SHALL DESTROY YA ALL!!!!!!

Here a screamshot from The Battle in The Desert...

Hello, NG! do you like cheeeeeeeeese?